Zenburn WordPress template

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Over the next few days, I will be tweaking an existing theme WordPress theme to incorporate Zenburn colors and style. Feel free to point out any strange artifacts on the website, or if you have any suggestions. I’d certainly be willing to post the modified .css once the work has been completed.



Propaganda Decoration

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I was recently able to get my hands on five 24 inch by 36 inch frames, for free. They currently have product promotional posters in the frames, which I intend to discard. Since the frames are relatively decent, I thought replacing the contents with old propaganda might be a good idea.

I started the hunt on eBay, looking through various where sellers were not only selling originals, but had their printing store. I initially wanted to stick with originals since I’d feel it would look better and be more legitimate. However, any of the original old popular posters go for quite a price. I also realized that I’d run into issues getting all the posters to be the size I want (in this case 24 inches by 36 inches) if I purchased only originals.

My current thought is to pick up three posters, one from US (or allies), Germany (or Japan), and the USSR, with the subject of civil defense or armed forces recruitment. I’d prefer these three to be in the same size since I want to hang them next to each other on a wall. I may have to do 16 inches by 24 inches since the larger size may simply be too large for the room I intend to put them in. At this point, I really have to settle with using reproductions, which will just make my life easier in the long run. Before I decided this, I did pick up two original USSR posters, although they’re at an inconvenient size.

Soviet Poster

First "Defend your homeland" poster.

Soviet Poster 02

Second "Defend your homeland" poster

I found these too unique to pass up. They were cheap and I could not find a digital image of them anywhere. If I can, I’d like to get other posters that have very similar dimensions to those so that they’re uniform.

None the less, my hunt for posters began. I found an excellent resource to search for posters: University of Minnesota Libraries War Poster Collection. This would at least allow me to find interesting posters, then solicit for high resolution images.

When I have a collection of three posters that I like, I’ll make another post showing them off.