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I did some brief research this afternoon about the current smart watch space. I was distracted many times by smart watches of years past, but was able to come up with a list of what appear to be the front-runners in the current generation of smart watches.

WIMM One and i’m Watch are both running Android underneath the hood, and both allow you to develop applications that run on the actual units. Metawatch allows you create applications for Android smartphones that use the Metawatch API to interface with their watch. It’s unclear what the case is with Sony’s watch or the inPulse watch.

Bluesky’s watch is the most elegant of the five, but the most expensive. They even have models that cost upwards of $2,000 whose sole purpose is simply fashion. WIMM is a bit bulky, and there is not any customization available yet, but the company has partnered with Foxconn and publishes a Hardware Development Kit that would allow third-parties to create compatible accessories. Also of note, the WIMM one is specifically tailored for Developers right now, not consumers–unlike the i’m watch.

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