At last! My XA1541 cable arrived!

23:48 by akylas. Filed under: Hardware

I came home from work late today, and found this gem in my mailbox:

XA1541 Cable

I immediately hooked up my AMD 800mhz machine running Windows 98, only to discover that cbm4win only has an NT/2K/XP driver for the 15xx series Commodore drives, or at least appears to be judging by the description. Fished around my closet and pulled out another machine, with an LPT port, running Windows XP.

As I type this post, I’m attempting to burn my first .d64 image (geoLink actially) onto a floppy. I’ve been waiting to use my 64NIC+ for a while, so I think it deserves the first test. Hopefully I’ll be posting relatively frequently over the next few days as I begin to test out all the software and play all the games I listed in prior posts.

The fun is just beginning!

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