The last 100 years of history have been mind-numbing in how far we have progressed as a society and what we have been capable of inventing. We developed personal computers, the Internet, made refrigeration accessible, we put a man on the Moon, and sent robots onto the Martian surface. Contrast this with the past million years and look how far we have come. This is no doubt due to the collective knowledge developed over the course of this period, and the massive diversity we have in our population today. Not only am I┬ávery interested in a large variety of the latest products being announced today, the importance to also understand the process of how some the major historical technological milestones were developed is significant. I hope to play an influential part into shaping people’s experience and product design in the future. For now, the best I can do is put my thoughts down in words for those interested to read. This will form as an archive of my experience with various technologies ranging from: hardware systems such as old computing platforms and modern mobile devices; software and games from Atari to the Xbox; thoughts and investigations into cryptography and security topics. Everything that I have the chance to put my hands on I will try and tell a story about.

Some topics you can expect me to write about:

  • Space-related topics
  • Oculus’ Rift
  • Google Glass
  • Major mobile platforms: Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft’s Windows Phone, LG’s webOS, and the current niche Jolla’s Sailfish OS
  • Commodore 64
  • ArchLinux and AwesomeWM
  • Arcade machines
  • Team Fortress
  • Roman and Greek history
  • .. and more !

(I should put a classy “Under Construction” gif here, right?)


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