Flea Market Finds

23:30 by akylas. Filed under: Games,Videos

Every Sunday, I attend a flea market close to my home, and have been doing it for about six or so years now. It’s about ten minutes away from my house so it’s incredibly convenient. There is not particular theme to this flea market (e.g. electronics, furniture, etc), so many of the tables are simply mini-yard sales. This means extensive variety on what you can find there some weekends.

This past Sunday I ran across an interesting selection of CDs, with half of them being imported from Asia. From what I could tell, they to be of Chinese origin, although that was just a simple guess.

The first interesting one appears to be a Chinese TV show from the 90′s.

Chinese Show (Flea Market)

Chinese Show

The purpose or topic of the show is unclear from the front or back of the case. I am guessing 90′s due to the quality of the video screen captures on the case and known dates of other CDs within the overall collection, and not really indicative of anything else. I have not tried this out yet, but I believe it’s a VCD so I should be able to throw it in a DVD player that couldn’t care less about regions, or simply toss it in my computer.

The second highlight of this collection is some sort of flight simulator or air combat arcade game. It might also be a collection of games.

Chinese Flight Simulator

Flight / Combat Simulator / Arcade

On the back it appears to list many aircraft, but these could be additional games or demos included on the disk. It looks relatively interesting, but the last one certainly takes the cake on the import CDs I picked up:

Chinese Simcity 3000

Chinese Simcity 3000

It’s a Chinese version of Simcity 3000. Whether it’s legitimate, a pirate version, or a knock-off is unclear. The front of it is certainly unique, and I didn’t even realize it was a Simcity-esque game until I got back into my car after purchasing it. Conducting a quick search on Google for any Chinese Simcity 3000 box art images yielded no results.

I definitely want to load up a Virtual Machine with Windows XP and give these finds a shot.