Jolla to announce Sailfish OS device in May

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One of the top gadgets I have been recently waiting to hear more on, and have been quite excited about, is Jolla‘s upcoming Sailfish OS device. For those unfamiliar with Jolla and their platform, the developers of the company began their days as members of Nokia’s Research and Development team working on the Maemo platform and related devices. Once Nokia decided to take the company in a new direction towards a partnership with Microsoft and their Windows Phone platform, the Research and Development members parted ways with Nokia, and the majority of them collected under new banner that they labeled Jolla. This is when they created Sailfish: a mobile platform built on top of Mer, which itself is branched from Meego, which finally has its roots in Maemo.

News broke today that they are now anticipated to announce details of this device in May, and likely to start taking pre-orders the same month. The company may be promoting tiered customizations of the device, perhaps allowing users to personalize them or perhaps include something particular unique, akin to Kickstarter pledge levels. Jolla is apparently working with the same┬áScandinavian┬ádesign team who influenced the design of some of Nokia’s previous products that the current Jolla team was previously involved in, such as the Nokia N900 and Nokia N9. If that’s the case, I have some high hopes for what will be announced.

No official announcement has been made yet, and the information is through second-hand sources. However, Jolla was previously expected to announce their upcoming device this summer.

More information can be found on the MyNokiaBlog website.

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