Happy 15th Birthday Team Fortress !

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Today remembers a monumental day in gaming history that occurred 15 years ago. Robin Walker, John Cook, and Ian Caughley posted the announcement for the first version of their Quake C mod to the newsgroup rec.games.computer.quake.announce. This mod was Team Fortress and it would quickly become of the two most popular mods to grace the Quake community.

Fan-created Team Fortress Banner

Fan-created Team Fortress Banner

Team Fortress began only a month prior, the instant John Carmack and his team at iD software released Quake C to the public (the Quake C source and compiler). This opened the door to the community the creation of many forthcoming mods and patches and would keep the Quake series one of the most popular multiplayer games until Counter-strike took the stage four years later. Robin and his team already knew the plan, they just needed to get to work and build it.

From: walker@netspace.net.au (Robin)
Newsgroups: rec.games.computer.quake.announce
Subject: Multiple PlayerClasses QuakeC Patch.
Date: 22 Aug 1996 12:01:30 +0100

Announcing TeamFortress v1.0: (Excerpt from readme)

* TeamFortress v1.0 *

TeamFortress is a new QuakeC patch which radically changes
team games. It provides far more incentive for teams to
actually work as a team. Each member of the team has unique
weapons, items, and abilities.

Player Classes

TeamFortress uses multiple player classes. Whenever a new map
is loaded, all players start as an Undefined class. This
class has 1 health, an axe, and cannot pick up anything. Once
a player class is chosen, you cannot change class for the rest
of that level. To choose a class, just use the appropriate
impulse. (See Impulse Summary)

The classes implemented so far are as follows:

SCOUT: Fastest moving class. Can only wear a small amount of
the lowest absorption armor. Limited to the 2 Shotguns and
Nailgun. Low ammo levels.
Carries a Motion Detector, 2 grenades, 3 concussion grenades.

SNIPER: Medium speed. Wears only small amount of armor,
upto medium absorption level. Limited to Nailgun and Sniper's
rifle. Medium ammo levels.
Carries 2 grenades.

SOLDIER:Slowest moving class. Wears large amount of armor,
at all absorption levels. All normal weapons except Grenade
Launcher. High ammo levels.
Carries 4 grenades, 4 nail grenades.

DEMOLITION MAN: Medium speed. Wears medium amount of armor,
upto medium absorption level. Uses the ShotGun and
Grenade/Pipebomb Launcher. Carries 1 DetPack, 6 grenades, 4
Mirv Grenades.

COMBAT MEDIC: Medium speed. Wears medium amount of armor,
upto medium absorption level. Uses both Shotguns and the
Super Nailgun. Carries Medikit, 3 grenades, 2 concussion
grenades. Regenerates slowly.


Uploaded to ftp,cdrom.com and ftp.stomped.com
Source included, no progs.dat.

This is a _team_ patch. It is a lot of fun to play single player,
or deathmatch, (especially the sniper's rifle :), but it is
designed for team games.
If you've got a bunch of friends and play games regularly on a
LAN, this is the patch you've been looking for.

(If I may say so myself :)
Robin. (Bro in Quake)
"Can you help me remember how to smile? Make it somehow all
seem worthwhile? How on earth did I get so jaded? Life's
mysteries seem so faded..."

Even though the team was quick on their feet, it would take another five months before the community began to blossom. Many game developers and publishers took interest in the mod, with the team getting offers for further development by iD software, and then Valve. The team was so amazed by the Half-Life engine that they abandoned their plans with iD software and started three month contracts at Valve to port Team Fortress to their Half-Life engine. Their contracts turned into full-time positions as the Valve team was impressed with their work. On April 7, 1999, this game released to the public under the banner ‘Team Fortress Classic’. While TFC was being ported, the team had already started the development of Team Fortress 2, who’s process actually started before iD software approached the team.

There would be many iterations of Team Fortress 2, with at least three confirmed different designs, all drawing different inspiration from Valve and the original Team Fortress team. Not much was heard from Valve about Team Fortress 2 after they abandoned their first design, ‘Brotherhood of Arms’ from 2001 to 2006. Many considered the game to be vaporware and ended up believing it would never release. In reality, the team spent this time hashing out ideas, and also working on the company’s next hit: Half-Life 2. It’s at this stage that Valve opened the curtain at the 2006 EA Summer Showcase event and revealed the Team Fortress 2 that we know today. It would release a little over a year later on October 9, 2007 as part of Valve’s Orange Box offering.

TF2 - TF 15th Birthday Image

Courtesy of Valve Software

Happy Birthday Team Fortress.