Converting .d64 images onto floppy disks

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The first thing I did was hook up my XA1541 cable to my Windows XP machine. If you’re looking for instructions on what to do to actually get the images onto floppies, do the following steps prior to hooking up the drive the first time:

  1. You first have to download opencbm. Download and unzip that in a folder.
  2. There’s an executable that installs the drivers to recognize the 1541 drives when they are connected to the PC. Install those.
  3. Unless you like working via the CLI, you’re going to want to download cbmxfer.
  4. Unzip those files into the same directory that contains the opencbm executabkes.
  5. Shut down your computer.
  6. Hook up the 1541 drive using the Xx1541 series cable to the LPT port on the machine of your machine. Turn on the 1541 drive and then turn on your computer.
  7. Once your machine is back up and running, open cbmxfer. Configure it as appropriate.
  8. Click the ‘Status’ button. If you get the drive information in the field in the lower right hand corner, you’re good to go.
  9. This is now the relatively tricky part. The first two and a half hours I used this application, the 5.25″ floppies I used either were not formatted correctly, or my drive(s) simply did not like them. I would get occasionally write errors, and many instances of 74,DRIVE NOT READY,00,00. If you get that, and you know your drive works fine, it’s probably your disks. Before I copy a .d64 over, I always format the disk. If it fails formatting, I don’t use it. Format it, then image it. Works great after that.

    I’ve loaded up GEOS 2.0, and geoLink now. They’re working great with my 64NIC+ !



At last! My XA1541 cable arrived!

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I came home from work late today, and found this gem in my mailbox:

XA1541 Cable

I immediately hooked up my AMD 800mhz machine running Windows 98, only to discover that cbm4win only has an NT/2K/XP driver for the 15xx series Commodore drives, or at least appears to be judging by the description. Fished around my closet and pulled out another machine, with an LPT port, running Windows XP.

As I type this post, I’m attempting to burn my first .d64 image (geoLink actially) onto a floppy. I’ve been waiting to use my 64NIC+ for a while, so I think it deserves the first test. Hopefully I’ll be posting relatively frequently over the next few days as I begin to test out all the software and play all the games I listed in prior posts.

The fun is just beginning!