ZoomFloppy launches soon

00:36 by akylas. Filed under: Hardware

As I sit here waiting for my XA1541 cable to arrive, we are days away from the anticipated launch of the ZoomFloppy, a device created by Jim Brain that allows you to hook up a Commodore floppy drive (e.g. 1541) to a modern-day PC via USB.

ZoomFloppy - Image courtesy of RETRO Innovations

As mentioned in a previous article, the easiest way to connect a Commodore floppy drive up to a PC of the 21st century is using the Xx1541 series cables. However, this requires that the PC you’re trying to connect to has a LPT port. With the ZoomFloppy, all you need is that device. You simply will be able to connect the floppy drive, using the same cable you would use to connect it to the commodore, to the ZoomFloppy device, then use a microUSB to USB cable to connect the ZoomFloppy to the PC. The PC would be providing power to the unit over USB.

Unfortunately, I purchased a XA1541 cable prior to knowing about the ZoomFloppy’s existence. I still may pick one up, as I haven’t pre-ordered it. Granted, it’s always good having multiple ways on hand to connect the 1541 up to a computer. I’m sure many hobbyists can attest to that. Also, my XA1541 is coming over from the UK and is estimated to take two to three weeks. I can probably order now and receive the ZoomFloppy before my XA1541 cable arrives.